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Along with the Grill Room and the Porch and Terrace, the Calcutta is the heart of Belle Meade Country Club informal dining. Offering beautiful views over the championship golf, the Calcutta aims to be the place for casual dining for families and friends. General clubhouse attire is appropriate in the Calcutta.
The Porch and Terrace offer informal, open-air dining. It is the perfect place to dine with friends and family, enjoy a post golf refreshment, or enjoy a lunch or snack after a tennis clinic. General clubhouse attire is appropriate in these areas. The Porch and Terrace are outdoor venues and therefore, hats are acceptable.
The Grill offers an elevated cocktail experience, premium whiskies, tequilas, and wines for our members. It is a place to meet for a cocktail, dine with friends, or just drop by for a late evening night cap. The Grill is for adults only and is limited to adults over age 18 unless otherwise specified for a special club event. General clubhouse attire is appropriate in the Grill.
These have been our most formal and refined dining venues since their creation in 1953, and they remain so today. When dining in the Iroquois Room or Bar, we ask that gentlemen wear jackets after 5:00 pm and ladies dress accordingly. Children below age 12 are only permitted in these rooms during Sunday Brunch or on holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Mother's Day.
The Deer Park Grill is our most casual evening eatery and boasts a welcoming pub-like atmosphere that operates on a first-come, first served basis. We encourage members to "come as they are." Blue jeans, fitness attire, and school or sports uniforms are all acceptable attire. We ask members to refrain from wearing ripped or frayed attire, and wet swimsuits are off-limits. Children are welcome at the Deer Park Grill accompanied by an adult, and minors 16 and older may dine at the DPG unaccompanied by an adult.

Outside the Deer Park Grill is the Pickle Field, where children may play while awaiting a table or food to be prepared. Parents are responsible for supervising their children on the Pickle Field. Likewise, within the Deer Park Grill and on the patio, we remind you and your children to please show respect and consideration for your fellow members and the staff.
A note about bar seating throughout the club. Belle Meade is fortunate to have a plethora of beautiful bars in our dining rooms. Seating at the bars is limited to adults aged 21 and older.
The 9 1/2 Hole serves the needs of our community with comfortable fare and drinks. For golfers making the turn, the 9 1/2 is a take-out only facility to maintain the Pace of Play. Appropriate fitness attire may be worn in the 9 1/2 Hole.
The Paddock Porch serves the needs of our active community in the summer season, Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. All ages are welcome here. Fitness, swim and other athletic attire are acceptable on the Paddock Porch.