Belle Meade Country Club

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Proper tennis attire is required on tennis courts. Ladies must wear a tennis skirt, shorts, or warm up suit. Yoga pants or leggings are only permitted if worn underneath a tennis skirt. Gentlemen over 18 years of age are required to wear collared shirts and tennis shorts. Gym shorts are not permitted. Running shoes are not allowed on the tennis courts.



The Club has a total of ten Hydro-Grid outdoor courts with cabanas and state of the art LED lighting, all fully renovated in 2015.

Belle Meade has eight state of the art indoor tennis courts which utilize the Decoturf 11-layer cushion system - the same surface system required by the U.S. Open Tennis Championship and each of the tournaments that make up the U.S. Open series. The Club installed Class 1 Indirect LED Lighting in the summer of 2017, making it one of the finest facilities in the country.