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Pool Season runs from May 25 through Labor Day. Weather and staff permitting, the Pool may remain open the weekend after Labor Day.


Pool areas are under the supervision and control of Greater Nashville Pool Management Company and their lifeguard staff. They have the right to prohibit any behavior whatsoever that is deemed to be unsafe.

Under no circumstances, will the Club tolerate any display of disrespect for the person or disregard for the authority of our pool manager or lifeguard.

A parent or "Supervising Adult" (as defined in the BMCC Swim Test Certification Policy) must be in the water within arm's reach of any child wearing a flotation device of any kind.

All children age 7 and under who wish to swim in the water without a parent or "Supervising Adult" will be required to successfully complete the BMCC Swim Test Certification by demonstrating their ability to swim 25 yards unassisted (without a flotation device).

Parents who wish to assist small children going off the diving boards (by walking out on the board with them or catching them in the water under the board) will be permitted to do this during rest periods only.

Swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear. Mesh/athletic shorts, cut-offs and tennis shorts are not allowed in the Pool. Children who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers.

Rest periods for all swimmers under the age of 18 will take place for 10 minutes every hour. During this time, children must be completely out of the water.

Adults have preference with regard to lounge chairs at the Pool. Any youth under the age of 18 may be asked to give up a chair for an adult as need requires.

Glass, food, and beverages must be kept away from the Pool.

Cell phone use is permitted at the Pool and in the Paddock Porch.

Soccer balls and golf clubs are prohibited in the Pickle Field area. 

Additional safety rules are posted at the Pool.


Guests must be signed at the Gazebo by a Member, with the Member's number, on arrival. Guest fees are $10.00 per person, per visit. All guests must be accompanied by a Member host. Guests 9 and under must be accompanied by an adult Member host at all times.

In-town guests over the age of 9 years will, individually, be restricted to four visits to the Pool per month.

On Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, attendance at the Pool will be limited to Belle Meade Country Club Members, their families, and out of town guests only.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment for all members at the pool complex, a maximum of 9 guests per membership per day will be permitted at the BMCC Pool without management approval. Any member wishing to bring more than 9 guests to the pool is required to book a "Pool Party" through the Club Catering Office, as the request may require additional lifeguard staff.

Club Pool Passes are available in certain circumstances.

Extended guest passes may be available for out of town guests via the General Manager's office.